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Produced by The Nature Conservancy - NATURE.ORG


This documentary film chronicles the impacts of climate change and deforestation on the indigenous communities who live in and around the Mayan Forest in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and their efforts to both combat it and adapt to it. The film captures stirring images and interviews emotionally depicting the toll that changing rain patterns have had on the Mayans, forcing them to adapt their planting practices and, in some cases, migrate to cities. But the story is one of hope, as we see the communities taking action with their own hands on their own lands to implement improved productive practices that both reduce deforestation and improve resilience. They are proud leaders on the frontlines of climate change and they have a message to share with the audience: “I am Mayan and I care for my Mayan Forest. And you? What is your Mayan Forest?” 

This film brings the voices of the Mayan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula to the COP21 in PARIS 2015 in order to increase awareness about how climate change is affecting indigenous communities and what those communities are doing about it. While the people shown in the film cannot travel to the COP21, this film brings their stories to life with vivid imagery and stirring interviews that shows the reality on the ground for the people dealing with the impacts of climate change. The film and the following discussion will foster interaction and dialog among the participants about the role of indigenous communities in adapting to and mitigating climate change

A Feature Movie Presented by The Nature Conservancy
2015, 26 min. Spanish. English and French Subtitles. 

"Maravilloso Documental, un documento muy necesario para la consciencia de nuestros valores humanos y la sabiduria Maya, que es una gran fuente de conocimiento sobre como funciona el mundo, hace siglos que en Yucatán se usan términos meteorilogicos como: "Hatza Ha" - Viento del diablo en lluvia, y muchos otros. La voz de los mayas están llenas de bondad, de sabiduria y de razón"
Jerónimo Freymann

"An absolutely well-made and exceptional documentary with an important and prescient collective voice we all need to listen to, to take to heart, to make happen. See it."
Lorna Green

Directed and shot by Varial
Edited by Cyril Lochon
Original Music David Drury

Executive producer The Nature Conservancy
Production Ali Khechen & Victorine Sentilhes
1st Assistant & 2nd Camera Hill Rodriguez
Drone Shots Luciano Larobina -
Color Grading Alex Da Cunha
Sound Editing André Ouellette
Location Sound Recording David Drury Ali Khechen & Varial
Flutes & Percussions “Pepe” Mendoza Loli
Ancient Mayan Instruments Maestro Ricardo Delgado Murilli
Maya Percussions Verónica Pat Pech, Pablo Xiu Pech
Mix Audio Studio Underground André Ouellette
Creative consultant Laura Bari

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