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Produced by the BAREFOOT COLLEGE


1.2 billion people on this planet live without electricity. In Latin America alone, the number reaches 24 million people. What is it like to live without electricity or light today? What is it like to live under the feeble flicker of a candle, an oil lamp or a burning ocote branch? How can solar electricity change their way of life ?

Barefoot College* sent Varial to document the life of 15 indigenous women from 5 countries in Latin America during this process: preparing to leave for this incredible journey: a 6-month training period in India; returning to their communities and electrifying more than 100 homes. A majority of them are indigenous communities and several have survived persecution and genocide with the majority of survivors currently living an impoverished existence. He returned to create a 300-page photo essay, revealing these unforgettable stories and indelible images. Doña Luz - Solar Mamas Stories from Latin America tells the story not only of forgotten people, survivors of genocide, victims of oil exploitation, marginalized communities, but also of ambassadors of faith and courage.

 I wish to bring a new kind of light with stories of hope that reminds us just how endless human potential can be. I hope to enlighten all humans to reconnect with the most reclusive people on this planet. I believe we must learn from the wisdom of tribal people for their voices will help us visualize their world, understand how we can envision life. Our sense of sight may help us. 



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